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We are a leading well log digitizing, and image processing company of India. Well logging is a technique used in the oil and gas industry for recording rock and fluid properties to find hydrocarbon zones in the geological formations below the Earths crust. A logging procedure consists of lowering a logging tool on the end of a wireline into an oil well (or hole) to measure the rock and fluid properties of the formation. An interpretation of these measurements is then made to locate and quantify potential depth zones containing oil and gas (hydrocarbons). Well logging is performed at various intervals during the drilling of the well and when the total depth is drilled, which could range in depths from 300 m to 8000 m (1000 ft to 25,000 ft) or more.

Zeta Softech Methodology

We use the RAT digitizer and Fast log digitization system of Digirule to complete well log digitizing projects. The system offers unique versatility previously unavailable in digitizing hardware or software. The software uses a proprietary re-gridding technique which compensates for poorly reproduced copies and provides constant tracking, scale checking and correction as the log is digitized. Any length of log can be digitized on any flat surface without taping down and with only one initial calibration. The unique foot pedal ("Rat Pad") allows the operator to input data by pressing on the Rat Pad with a foot. Switch from point by point mode to streaming mode by simply pressing down on the Rat Pad. The software converts scanned well logs for input to well logging digital analysis data. It provides manual/auto tracking of well logs, rapid display of results, edit and image print capabilities and LAS standard format files.

We have outstanding geo-technical expertise to convert all hardcopy / images well log data (Paper, Films etc.) to industry standard interpretation ready electronic vector formats.

The following details highlight the procedures carried out:-

1. All Log Header information is captured.
2. All specified curves are digitized selecting one curve at a time using automatic and manual digitization by setting requisite parameters. Different color can be used for various curves.
3. Multiple back-ups including logarithmic, hybrid, linear and reciprocal scales can be used.
4. Digital Data can be delivered in LIS, LAS, and ASCII & LBS formats.
5. Quality control checks implemented at three separate stages
6. The final LAS files are of high quality as they undergo final quality control measures before completion. These quality control routines include digital checks and manual examination by highly skilled LAS Quality Control Technicians.
Our operations are 24x7 through 200 plus trained professionals.

The rat

The Rat is the instrument used by Zeta Softech for Digitization and is small and ergonomic. It measures approximately 7.0 inches long by 3.0 inches wide and 1.5 inches high. The two external side wheels that have diamond banding around the circumference help in providing full gripping power. These bands bite into the paper that is being digitized. A rotary encoder on this axle gives an "X" value. The "Y" value is obtained by connecting a sliding cursor with very fine black lines onto the front of the Rat body. Twin Hewlett Packard barcode readers, 90 degrees out of phase - to detect direction, decode the very fine lines. Absolute accuracy of the hardware system is .003 of an inch. Thus we now have an X & Y hardware system for digitizing.


Advantages Of The Rat

The advantage of Rat is the fact that it is an extremely ergonomic digitizing system. One can always be comfortably sitting down while digitizing with the data right in front.

The Rat hardware system comes with a foot pedal which allows easy and convenient data input. The foot pedal With the Rat, the foot pedal works independently of your hands controlling the Rat hardware.

The Rat hardware is small and easy to fit into our hand yet, has all the power of the largest digitizing table. The entire Rat system fits into a briefcase and can conveniently be taken as carry-on baggage.


We also provide data mapping, data retrieval, 2D/3D Seismic data interpretation and Indexing services for oil and Gas industry.

We offer an array of customized Imaging, indexing services and solutions like:

Pre-stack Depth Imaging,
Land and Marine Processing – 2D, 3D,
AVO processing,
Log, Rock Property and Petro physical Analysis, Interpretation Services.etc.