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As on line readers and libraries begin to revolutionize global content industry, the gap between Conventional Publishing and Digital Publishing is closing very rapidly. The inevitable need to digitize the contents for e-readers and e-libraries, is leading all Publishers and Publishing houses to start looking at and learning ways to keep abreast with this requirement and there are also the inevitable challenges that the content industry has started to face. eBook conversion services from different Input format is to be converted to different output format to match the variety of hand held electronic devices and virtually many formats From Word, PDF, Quark, InDesign or HTML, Frame Maker, Quark,among others, to ePub, Amazon Kindle & Mobipocket, and more. Innovation is now the need of the day for this industry.

Zeta Softech offers a comprehensive set of Prepress / Pre-media content production and E-publishing services. These include copyediting / editorial services, SGML/XML/XHTML tagging, document structuring, typesetting, page composition and page layout for on line print publishing. We provide services to our global customers to convert their books, newspapers and journals, magazines and periodicals, to e-books, and help in e-publishing their initiatives for online delivery. We in our e-publishing efforts, undertake text documents, web based information articles, books, simple to complex manuals and structured financial and legal documents etc. We create electronic books from hard copy source material including images/photos and graphic displays, and from all types of electronic formats for example: HTML, Frame Maker, Quark, MSWord and many other formats for many of the world's largest international publishers and organizations.

Innovation, Efficient production processes, automating workflows and enhancement in high quality delivery are constantly looked into to provide our customers best-in-class services, in a cost effective way. Our service has international reputation for high quality and personal service, and a powerful combination of capabilities and technologies.

Some Points about e Publishing we should know..

1. E-publishing is cost effective and borderless, but cannot completely replace the printed copy.

2. Online versions extend reader loyalty.

3. Presenting digital issues extends your reader scope.

4. E-publishing allows you to connect your online catalogs to your online shop simply and cost effectively.

5. E-publishing can deliver short ROIs.


We can continuously update your online stores by adding new products, revising prices periodically, deleting old models, auditing of new and existing models and many more. The continuous updating of your data in your online stores gets you the best results in terms of selling your products or services on the Internet. We can add/update/delete products related information from the products supplier's website or any other trade source like product names or titles, brochures, brands / MFGs, part numbers, product descriptions, product images, categories, stores, shipping, price, etc.