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As on line readers and libraries begin to revolutionize global content industry, the gap between Conventional Publishing and Digital Publishing is closing very rapidly. The inevitable need to digitize the contents for e-readers and e-libraries, is leading all Publishers and Publishing houses to start looking at and learning ways to keep abreast with this requirement and there are also the inevitable challenges that the content industry has started to face. Under eBook conversion services different Input format is to be converted to different output format to match the variety of hand held electronic devices and virtually many formats – From Word, PDF, Quark, InDesign or HTML, Frame Maker, Quark, among others, to ePub, Amazon Kindle & Mobipocket, and more. Innovation is now the need of the hour for this industry.

The demand for e publishing content is driven by the surge in digital storage means and use of internet for information search, business and entertainment. E publishing content has four basic aspects- editorial, interactive, visual appeal and accessibility to the user and an infinite range of Legal, Tax & Regulatory topics and subjects to be addressed.

At Zeta Softech, we foresee a lot of interesting learning and training needs and are excited and committed to keeping abreast of this ever changing need for providing content in different types of devices for the reading pleasure of discerning readers. We provide the e-content in the different output formats to be read on a Notebook, Pocket PC, Palm OS, PDA or a Desktop, to suit the individual requirements of the reader either on Windows, Mac, Unix or a Linux system. Our clients are publishers of reference books, journals, textbooks, magazines, newsletters and other legal publications. The various services Zeta Softech provides include.-


We ghost write entire eBooks and have undertaken large projects where the books involved extended more than 500 pages in length. We also take up large projects for updating and bringing out newer edition of Law Books.
Our staff follows a tried and tested methodology.
We have three tiers of staff. The first tier is good at data capture and adept at surfing existing information sources and collating a massive data dump on any given subject.
The second tier is good at data redaction, and skilled in structuring the data and removing redundancies.
The third tier is the creative team. Who read the summarized information and write the creative content.
The act of writing is again divided into 4 stages.
At the first stage, an outline is agreed between the customer and the creative team.
At the second stage, an initial chapter is approved.
At the third stage, the descriptive portion of the book is handed over, reviewed and approved.
At the fourth and final stage, the deductive content, with our conclusions, interpretation and deductions, is handed over, reviewed and approved.
Using a team of three, a 500 page book can be written in 2 months or less, from the outline, to the content, to the finishing.
We consult the customer at each important landmark in the project, based on mutual agreement, and hand over all copyrights to the work once finished.

Bankruptcy E Book – US


Zeta Softech offer services in designing, launching, maintaining legal blogs. Whether the content is to be updated once every hour, or once every day, our team is ready for the challenge.

We launch blogs with content that gets ranked quickly, like Top 10 Lists, and Top 10 Tips.

We register the blog in all free directory sites like Digg and Delicious.

Even though a team at Zeta Softech works on a blog, we maintain a consistent writing style.

Our blogs are written in an SEO friendly manner, and our staff is skilled at inserting meta tags, meta descriptions, and ranking the submission, using a variety of interfaces.

We also popularize the blog or article using back links, or by encouraging our network of freelance contributors in putting in comments into the blogs.

We’ve written popularized blogs on a variety of complex areas, and can support steady writing in areas as unique as medical malpractice, auto accidents or insurance fraud.

Our staff writes in simple language, but with the required degree of care towards specific legal nuances and with great attention to detail.

We also launch, popularize and maintain blogs on a pilot basis, for periods as short as 1 month, so that new customers get a chance to evaluate our services better. Please call us on 0091-712 2249801 or email us on info@zetasoftech.com, to know more about this service.


Zeta Intelex also provide services where we track and write up articles or mailers on important breaking news, within our hiring customer’s company or within his chosen practice area/s.

Our staff once engaged over the medium term to provide news write ups in any legal area, continuously scan the internet for breaking news.

Once they come across interesting breaking news, during the Indian day shift, they draw up a suitable article or press note or mailer on it. This article, press note or mailer explains what has happened, who was involved, how events occurred and where they will impact the customer, or the consumer of the customer’s services.

Our staff writes in the American Newspaper writing style, briefly cover all important fact, hypothesize, provide premises, and end with a call for action.

The content starts by introducing the central theme, then elaborates on it, and concludes with a punch. The language is simple, and aims to inform, rather than preach or obfuscate.

Once written, the piece is edited, and by the next day morning, US/UK time, the customer is able to review it and approve/amend.

We then use the services of professional syndicators to widely circulate the piece online. Using the best Search Engine Optimization methods, our staff ensure that the piece is highlighted, noted and discussed in all major forums.

We provide tracking, writing and publicizing services in all major practice areas and have available specialists who deal with obscure topics, or technical topics, with great ease