Setting Benchmark for Legal Support Services

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Zeta Softech places an equal importance on domain expertise and on process expertise. We are ideally placed to offer you professional services, which rely on routine, day to day tasks being performed efficiently.
We offer a range of professional services, starting with shared services, where we function as a contact center and a back office support. We offer pre and post appearance paralegal services, supporting litigators. We offer virtual paralegal services, which include scheduling, transcription, mail and call management. We also offer legal transcription.
The key to providing value added professional services is using good quality staff and developing long term relationships with customers. Our customers appreciate dedicated teams, which work in synch with their staff, put a wealth of experience on the table, and are handy in an emergency.
We offer fixed rates, on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis, and turn around complex projects, requiring collaboration between offices, at extremely low rates. Our motto is to add value, without hurting the bottom line of the firm.
As attorneys gravitate towards virtual offices and require managed front offices, our articulate, confident and knowledgeable staff provides a doorstop support, welcoming new prospects in. Once our teams man the new enquiry desk, remotely, conversion rates increase, matters get started efficiently, and all the concerns around setting up the right information for accounts are effectively dealt with.