"Our team is our strength"….

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Zeta team is a group of highly focused and committed professionals. They seek to provide an innovative solution to complex IT challenges and strives to exceed client expectations by offering cutting-edge technical expertise. Our team aspires to be nothing but the BEST.
The professionals for the Digitizing GIS and Engineering Drawing unit bring to the table hands on experience of working in the respective fields and have successfully achieved the required high target from the beginning and excel the client’s expectation.

The work force:

A structured quality management system helps Zeta to:
Ramp up productivity quickly
Enforce process rigor
Demonstrate measurable results
Constantly analyze and improve the effectiveness of our processes for:
Rapid Response
Cost Control
Effective Turn Around Time
Zeta Softech places utmost importance to its human resources development and growth. Our emphasis is on development & empowerment and nurturing a flexible & informal work culture.
At Zeta incentives based schemes are constantly introduced to boost up the efficiency & morale of its employees. The employee taking extra efforts to achieve targets in terms of quality & quantity is rewarded with some special incentives.

Training & Award system :

The constant efforts at ramp up to be achieved by continuous training imparted to fresher and simultaneously the existing members are encouraged to improve their outputs by appreciation, award systems and above all point based incentive system. The points directly gets converted to enhance their take home pay and at the same time encourages a healthy competition amongst peers resulting in better quality production .